Tips for Choosing the Best Personal Trainer Certifications

Educating Your Clients

There are many myths when it comes to personal training. People who wish to get into good shape and lead a healthy lifestyle are sometimes put off from doing so because of such unsubstantiated myths. As a personal trainer with good personal training certifications you have to use your knowledge and experience to educate potential clients on the fallacy of such myths. Once clients are fed with the right information on personal training and how it can help them lead a better lifestyle, their whole approach will change.

The daily routine route

Once a client’s weak physical areas have been identified, a corrective workout routine should be prescribed. The client should be advised to perform this routine a couple of times in the day. Since actual physical training could happen maybe twice in a week, if the client has a video based on corrective workouts, he or she could use the same on a daily basis rather than wait for the professional training sessions. By working consistently on any drawbacks, the client will progress and better results will be seen.

Exercise selection

If you are conducting group training session, each week select a particular exercise for the group to perform before going into the full workout. The selected exercise should be one that will be beneficial to the majority of the clients. This is also a good way to introduce new workouts.

Introduce a ‘challenge’ programme

Every week you could post on the gym board the ‘challenge of the week’. The challenge could cover areas like (a) getting the right amount of sleep (b) sticking to the right diet (c) going without alcohol (d) doing a meditation session. Clients who achieve these challenges could sign their names on the board – an accomplishment that will definitely act as a spur to their successful working out.

Online Personal Training

The best personal trainer certifications usually offer a module that teaches it’s students how to write online personal training programs. There are many online training software platforms available for trainers to use, with the rise of smartphones and tablets these programs have become very popular in recent years. I recently wrote an article called PT Distiction Review which you’ll find on discussing the pro’s and con’s of such software.


Story-telling during light coaching sessions could have a positive impact. It lightens the moment and since the stories would be based on the benefits of physical training and your experiences during personal trainer certifications, in many cases such stories could resonate with certain clients helping to make a difference in their efforts to train.


Off-time working out

It is important for clients to keep a good workout schedule even outside class schedules. Drawing up workouts for the clients to perform on a daily basis will help them in their fitness goals. So you need to draw up programmes for respective clients covering areas such as corrective programmes, conditioning workouts etc. Some clients could be into doing yoga, zumba, spinning etc. If you feel such workouts would not be good for them you have to make specific changes in their routines. However, at times if the group is large it may not be easy to go in for individual changes. As mentioned above, making a video of a few suitable workouts which will help the clients to train during off-day periods.


The crux of the matter is that you would like your clients to have access to a total education programme. As learnt during fitness certifications clients should not be misled with the many misconceptions, myths and other confusing information floating around. They need a good solid source of relevant information which you are in a position to provide.