Choosing the Right Personal Training Course

Teaching Clients the Correct Exercise Techniques

Training your personal training clients, calls for a lot of patience and experience. As an Algarve personal trainer, you are responsible help your client’ achieve their fitness goals.

So, how do you communicate with your client when you are training them or teaching them a new exercise? Here are a few techniques of communication that will not only break the ice but also help you guide your clients better. While you are obtaining your personal trainer courses Algarve, this is something that you will have to keep in mind.

Internal pointers

These communications are crucial while teaching your clients. Your client’s response to your instructions and then implementing it as per the positions of the exercise is something that you need to watch out for. Sometimes, instead of voicing his or her discomfort, your client keeps trying to practice the right movement. However, his or her body movements will convey the discomfort

External pointers

This is when you can see where exactly your client is going wrong while performing an exercise. You take your cues from your client’s movement and correct them instantly.


Voicing your thoughts

It is always necessary to monitor and guide your personal training client while he or she exercises. If you are teaching a new exercise, then you need to tell them exactly what to do. In this way your client will be able to perform as per your instructions. In fact, if you keep correcting your client as he or she exercises, then they will immediately change their movements and understand the technique better.

Visual feedback

If you want to exactly show where your client is going wrong, then one of the best things to do is to capture his or her video. It goes without saying that you need to take their permission before you even start recording. In this way, you can actually show your client, where exactly he or she needs to make improvements.

If your client is uncomfortable about you recording videos, then ask permission for taking their photos. You can also take pictures of the poses that went wrong and show them once again how to get it right.

Breaking it down

There are times when your client is uncomfortable about you taking their picture, even if the pictures are taken on the client’s own phone, for educational purposes. In such cases, your alternative is to show them exercise videos. You then point out the right posture and tell them where they can improve. You can also use slideshows depending on the availability of the resources you have.

Shaping client into fitness

If your client is comfortable, then you can always change their postures while they are performing the exercise. For example, if while doing push-ups, your client’s hands are wide apart, then you tell him or her to tuck her hands closer and show them exact posture by putting your hands on his or hers.

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